This game currently has no win condition and is really unbalanced — you'll probably get a game over screen after playing for like 10 seconds. 

It was developed during gr8ArtGames in Novosibirsk game jam by two guys, ravenxale(game design, code, art) and felegz (game design) .

Bay Decay is a minimalist island-builder game.

5 minutes into the future, an island-sized city (or city-sized island?) is facing trouble with its immense amounts of wastes. 

Help city evolve. Plan and do it only by manipulating  garbage — and deal with these wastes any way you wish. Recycle, or pollute water, or just don't give a damn about outskirt citizens.

Figure out if there is way of escaping  environmental disaster — or face decay.

How to play?

This is your island. GARBAGE hurts nearby HOUSES and they decay.

Drag and drop BANANA PEEL garbage to the FARM.

Farms turn BANANAS into energy, so your HOUSES GROW.

Each recycler loves their type of garbage. Farms hate BATTERIES, But POWER PLANTS love them. Wrong combinations make houses DECAY.

Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

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