You are the square who shoots squares into other squares. 

Push 'em to the edge of the screen, but don't get cornered yourself.

LD40 is my first jam as a programmer and first time solo. I tried to do just anything and made this little game in p5jsLibraries used: p5jsp5js play
Software used: Brackets and Google Chrome.

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It took me at least 10 hours 15 minutes to make this (5h 12m in Brackets, 38 minutes reading documentation on Github, 58 minutes reading examples to, 1h 49min playing the game itself, 13 minutes watching Dan Shiffman on Youtube, also 1h 6min hanging out on Twitter). Time logged with RescueTime.

Honestly, this version of the game has nothing to do with the theme "The more you have, the worse it is". And I prefer it more this way. You can check out other bugged game mode by pressing "A" in game. 

*(Initially it was a game about managing negative emotions. You shot anger bullets at things you saw, it pushed things away and pushed you back. Stress level was finite and increased if enemies were nearby. Also if you had too much anger you shot bullets uncontrollably. So you had to balance stuff. Too complex, screw that).*

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